Welcome to The Lazy Cardona! We are Cecil, Penny and Marcus Cardona of Goodland, Kansas. We raise ABGA registered fullblood and percentage boer goats. Our overall goal is to produce healthy quality stock that will make a positive contribution to the meat goat industry. Our mission is to provide honesty, sincerity and integrity in our services to all.

Updated February 1, 2018

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The Lazy Cardona is located 14 miles south of Goodland, KS. We’ve been raising boer goats since 2006. We started our adventure with six commercial boer cross does and a commercial boer buck. Oh boy, how things have changed since then. As we became more knowledgeable and determined what type of boer goat we wanted to produce, we progressed our herd by following ABGA breed standards, setting our own production expectations, culling those with undesirable traits, and maintaining those that meet our expectations. Now, we raise eye appealing boer goats that make a positive contribution to the meat goat industry.

We are known for our high standards, excellent customer service and quality goats with strong genetics. Our customers, new and repeat, have reached us from California, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming.

There is lots of rewards that come from raising boer goats. Next to kidding season, one of the most rewarding aspects of raising boer goats is the opportunities that arise to meet other goat breeders. We feel blest to have met such wonderful people and to have the friendships that have developed along the way. It is our pleasure to share our experiences and knowledge with fellow boer goat breeders. If you are thinking about starting a herd, wanting to improve your herd or just want to chat about meat goats, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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The Lazy Cardona is an active member of the American Boer Goat Association.